Nov 13

New Guide on Website Domain Tld’s

Back in 2010/11 You may have heard news on CNN or some other news channel about new website domain names being on their way or opportunities to buy new domain names like dot music or dot car for example or the phrase “right of the Dot” being used over the last 2 years and also a starting application or registration price tag of $185,000 being the price to pay ….extremely confusing for the normal every day person but true…..

here are a couple of videos showing this opportunity “the next big thing on the internet since .com”…

The first video is one from Icann who are a independent internet non profit organization who oversee manage and coordinate the Domain Name System (DNS).

Below is a news video showing what kind of potential costs were expected and which individuals or corporations were likely to apply.


Well having watched the first two video’s you quite easily may have wrongly assumed there would only be a handful of applications and even fewer successful registrations. Below is a video made in June 2012 showing all top level domain (tld’s) strings applied for. A lot more than we envisaged and quite a few unusual ones. See if you can spot any in the video below….!!

Bookmark and come back later when we fast forward to November 2013 & lets see what progress is being made and what new opportunities avail…!!

                                          It’s a BIG Deal! $5.99* .COM from! New Guide on Website Domain Tlds

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Nov 12

IDN Domains


What are Idn Domains, actually what are Idn’s or even International Website Domain Names.

Some of many questions that will be answered here, as well as links and recommended sites for further information and clarification.

You may have noticed that some of the pages on this site are currently showing a 404 error code, due to a technical glitch, this is being looked into and will be rectified in due course.

In the meantime we are going to recommend the following sites to help you get some useful answers.

Wikipedia article

We have now located the problem and had it fixed so please ignore the initial part of the above message, but still check those recommended links.

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